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Interior Lighting

Ward & Burton, Inc. represents Interior lighting products for all your applications.

Interior LightingInterior LightingInterior LightingInterior Lighting

Clean Room and Security Lighting
Light fixtures are built to exacting standards to meet specific requirements of most industrial environments as well as the medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and electronics environments.

Clean Room & Security LightingClean Room & Security LightingClean Room & Security LightingClean Room & Security Lighting

Day-Brite Everbrite Paramount      

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Cove Lighting
Indirect, concealed cove lighting fixtures softly illuminate a space and create atmosphere. Light fixtures are available with fluorescent, xenon, or LED lamping.

Cove LightingCove LightingCove LightingCove Lighting

Cathode Ltg Color Kinetics Day-Brite Everbrite ELP Litecontrol
Lucifer Nippo Prolume Specialty Ltg SPI Tivoli

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To add general illumination, drama or highlights to a space select the lamp source, shape and configuration.


Aquarii Arch'l Ltg. Works BEGA Contrast Ltg ELP Lightolier
Lucifier Specialty Ltg Visa WILA    

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We have a wide variety of specialized lighting for use in the healthcare industry.


Day-Brite Everbrite Litecontrol Lumalier Visa  

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Industrial Fluorescent, HID, and LED
Light fixtures for storage, warehouse, large public spaces and multipurpose areas. Simplify your installation using Electro-Connect modular wiring. Call us for a layout and quotation.

Industrial Fluorescent & HIDIndustrial Fluorescent & HIDIndustrial Fluorescent & HIDIndustrial Fluorescent & HID

Day-Brite Electro-Connect Paramount Stonco Tech Lighting  

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Linear Fluorescent
For classrooms, libraries, offices and multi-purpose spaces consider linear fluorescent products.

Linear Fluorescent Linear Fluorescent Linear Fluorescent

Arch’l Ltg Works Day-Brite Ledalite Litecontrol Selux Specialty Ltg
SPI STILE Visa Vokslyte    

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Recessed Fluorescent
Whether you have a grid, drywall or plaster ceiling, we have many designer and commodity recessed fixtures for your project. Simplify your installation using Electro-Connect modular wiring. Call us for a layout and quotation.

Recessed FluorescentRecessed FluorescentRecessed FluorescentRecessed Fluorescent

Arch Ltg Works DayBrite ELP Ledalite Lightolier Litecontrol
Paramount Selux Specialty Ltg Vokslyte    

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Surface and Ceiling Mounted
In some areas the ceiling cannot be penetrated. Look here for surface mounted lighting options

Surface & Ceiling MountedSurface & Ceiling MountedSurface & Ceiling Mounted

Advent Arch’l Ltg Works BEGA Contrast Ltg Day-Brite ELP
Impact Ledalite Lightolier Limburg Litecontrol Lucifer
Luraline Paramount Specialty Ltg SPI STILE Stonco
Visa Vokslyte WILA      

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Task Lighting
Task lighting provides proper illumination levels on work surfaces, creating vertical brightness, eliminating shadows and the necessity of providing an expensive high overall room lighting level. Over all foot candle levels can be reduced when task lights are used.

Task LightingTask LightingTask LightingTask Lighting

Arch'l Ltg Works Bruck Contrast DayBrite Lucifer Ltg STILE

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Track Lighting
Use track lighting to accent, highlight, or wall wash your space.


Arch’l Ltg Works Bruck Lucifer Ltg Times Square    

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Vandal and Prison
Polycarbonate impact resistant lenses, strong materials and hidden fasteners help make the lighting tamperproof when necessary.


DayBrite Elcast Paramount      

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